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They are related to the semantic web and google recommends its use more and more. Rich snippets. We can offer additional information in the fragments of text that google shows in the ranking of results. For example, a restaurant snippet can show the average price range and opinions. This undoubtedly is an advantage facing the users and with respect to our competition. Not provided. You sure know her and you're starting to hate her. Not provided is the name that analysts shows the visit here that come from users who are logged in at the time of visiting our page. The tendency is that some tools like this, happen to be payment, at least in its full version. There are some other tricks to local business seo try to infer from where we get the visits not provided.

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Try to find one of them. Content marketing. It is no longer just about writing articles with keywords, we must also write quality articles constantly. Quality content is the key to online marketing in. Welcome content marketing. Author rank. The pagerank of the new era. From now on, the authorship of the content will be very important in the positioning in search engines. The author will be the professional seo services reference of the quality of the content. The more rank author, the better ranking position. Internet congress- it is a benchmark in spain and a classic in the digital marketing congresses in spain. A few years ago it was known as the congress of webmasters, but for about years it has been called the internet congress.

If you want to keep up with the topic of online marketing and seo, it is interesting that you let yourself be seen by some key events of the sector of this country. Here we leave you some of the most important. Online marketing expo- it is an international event that has been celebrated since in different cities around the world. In spain, it is celebrated in madrid and barcelona. A large local business seo part of the professionals of the sector meet. The conference agenda is usually very interesting and is, without a doubt, one of the most outstanding fairs in the sector. Professional seo congress- this conference focuses exclusively on search marketing strategies. Originally held in valencia, but the edition was held in madrid and everything suggests that the is also held in the capital and at a more affordable price.

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It is celebrated in madrid, and this year we have been surprised with the possibility of following the lectures by internet. Mediterranean internet congress- the first edition of this congress took place in, in alicante, heart of the mediterranean. The iii congress is scheduled for. It brings together the main professionals of internet marketing. Web congress- under the slogan do the congress we would like to attend” have managed to convene in zaragoza to great professionals from all areas of digital marketing; seo, social media, e-commerce, mobile applications, etc. The search engine positioning is a discipline in constant change. Those of us who are dedicated to seo know that it is local business seo necessary to keep abreast of all the new developments in the world” in order to successfully develop our work.

This does not mean that there are no good blogs in spanish, there are very good professionals who share their experience of years and years of work. But i had to limit myself to essentials and these american blogs are a must read. It is essential to be aware of what google tells us in its official blog, algorithmic updates, changes of guidelines, new features, etc. It can also be consulted in spanish., although the contents are not so complete. The authors of this blog are one of the pioneers in seo and currently the organizers of search marketing expo. The articles can be consulted for free or under subscription. Training in the sector is scarce and, in most cases, professionals have had to resort to self-learning. I've made a selection of what, in my opinion, is the top of seo blogs. The vast majority are in english.